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About our Aura Glasses:

In 1911 Walter John Kilner published one of the first western medical studies of the "Human Atmosphere" or Aura, proposing its existence, nature and possible use  in medical diagnosis and prognosis.  Glass slides or "Kilner Screens" containing alcoholic solutions of variously coloured dyes, including a blue dye called "dicyanin" (probably "Dicyanine A"), were used as filters in "Kilner Goggles" which, together with lights, were held to train the eyes to perceive electromagnetic radiation outside the normal spectrum of visible light. After being so trained, one could dispense with the apparatus. Kilner did not recommend merely viewing the subject through these lenses.  According to his study, Kilner and his associates were able, on many occasions, to perceive auric formations, which he called the Etheric Double, the Inner Aura and the Outer Aura, extending several inches from patients' naked bodies.  After heavy analysis of the color properties of Dicyanin, we've managed to incorporate this exciting (virtually unexplored) technology into our Aura Glasses.  When used, viewers can see the human aura, and even how it lags behind the physical body.  Our goggles are constructed out of sturdy plastic frames with real lenses.

About our Egyptian Lucid Dreaming Kit:

Lucid Dreaming, to the ancient Egyptians, was one of the most important parts of their religious belief system.  They believed that the death state was like a dream and you must become lucid in it to be able to survive the transition to the other side.  After years of research, this simple method of Lucid Dreaming has been rediscovered.  It's completely natural and 100% effective.  It is so easy it can be summed up in just a few paragraphs and a child can do it!  So forget $300 LED glasses and 500 page books on the subject.  If you want to really learn lucid dreaming, the secret of the ancient Egyptians is at your fingertips.  You will receive complete instructions and a bonus tool to allow you to begin your lucid dreaming training as soon as possible. 

About our Radionic Ring of Wealth and Protection:

This ring utilizes a combination of traditional Planetary Sigil Magick and modern Radionic theory.  The ring is charged with its intent sigil(s) by custom made Radionics hardware and software for 168 hours.  The software drives the radionics hardware and delivers to the ring over 5000000 intended sigil impressions per second!  In this case the sigils used are "WEALTH" and "PROTECTION"!  The ring itself is made of silver and brass and has a very powerful Buddhist mantra inscribed in it.  Each ring is handmade in Nepal and no 2 rings are identical.  The mantra used will vary from ring to ring.


One of the most advanced personal orgone generators available today.
The pendant's inner core is constructed with our "REICH-MATRIX™" core technology.  Space-age polymers along with government certified .999 24K gold is used to create this intricate matrix of the outer core.  The inner core is made up of a perfectly terminated and continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall formula SiO2.  24k gold enriched wiring is used exclusively in all wiring of the pendant.  The outer shell is constructed out of a space-age alloy and its overall shape is based off of  a recent discovery by Japanese scientists.  The design was intended to "create the perfect indestructible container."  No toxic components were used in our shell's design.  Our Pendant also doubles as the perfect Orgone Pendulum!


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